A Welcome Message from AFAS’ New CEO, Edward W. Thomas, Jr., Maj Gen (ret)

A Welcome Message from AFAS’ New CEO, Edward W. Thomas, Jr., Maj Gen (ret)

Dear Air Force Aid Society Community,

Today, I am exceptionally pleased to join the team at Air Force Aid Society as we care for our Airmen, Guardians, and their families as they serve our nation. General Hap and Bee Arnold’s bold vision of Airmen helping Airmen still propels us today and will guide our team as we move ahead smartly.

While I will be learning the details of this mission over the coming weeks and months, this is what I do know: For more than 80 years, our service members and their families have counted on us when confronted with their hardest days. Because of the uncommon lives to which they have been called, they need to know they are not alone. With your support, we intend to ensure it stays that way.

As CEO, my number one priority is making sure AFAS’ critical programs are known, accessible, and reach the most pressing needs of our air and space teammates. I look forward to meeting with our corporate sponsors, foundation partners, and generous donors who ensure the organization that General and Mrs. Arnold founded is stewarded well and ready for the future. Together we can ensure our Airmen, Guardians, and their families have the tools and assistance they need to thrive.

I am incredibly appreciative of the confidence our Board of Trustees has placed in me as well Kris McBride’s exceptional leadership during this time of transition. We are fortunate to have Kris continuing to serve, once again, as our Chief Operating Officer.

I am at your service and look forward to serving alongside you to help ensure our Air and Space Forces remain the strongest and most capable in the world.

Aim High and Semper Supra!

EDWARD W. THOMAS, JR., Maj Gen (ret)
Chief Executive Officer
Air Force Aid Society