Knowing that incidental college expenses for books, fees and supplies can be challenging financially for families of college students already facing tuition, room and board costs, the Air Force Aid Society offers an interest-free Supplemental Education loan to sponsoring members of students (dependent or spouse) that applied for the General Henry H. Arnold Education grant to help reimburse these expenses. While not a government loan, or federal student loan, the AFAS supplemental education loan can offer help for Air Force or Space Force families. The Maximum student loan amount for each full-time dependent undergraduate student is $1,000.



The Supplement Education Loans are only available to Air Force members of students (dependents and spouses) who have successfully completed the Henry “Hap” Arnold Education Grant application.

The same eligibility criteria required for the Arnold Education Grant are required for the Supplemental Education Loan.

Actually receiving an Arnold Education Grant is not a pre-requisite to receipt of a Supplemental Loan. A sponsoring member can receive a Supplemental Education Loan without the dependent or spouse receiving the needs-based Arnold Education Grant.

Additionally, AFAS must have the ability to collect repayment for these loans by allotment taken directly from an Air Force member’s military/retired pay or bank account.


HQ AFAS will provide college loan applications directly to identified student applicants in the Fall of each year, with a deadline for completion in October.


Funds for approved loans will be distributed from Zelle or direct Bank ACH to the member. Repayment of loan will be scheduled for 12 months and will be automatically started by HQ AFAS.