Frequently Asked Questions In the Event of a Government Shutdown

Frequently Asked Questions In the Event of a Government Shutdown

The Air Force Aid Society wants all Airmen/Guardians and their families to know that we are here to help you in the event of a government shutdown that may affect your pay. We have compiled the following FAQs to help you understand what we can do and how you can request assistance if needed.

Q. I am an active duty Air Force/Space Force member and don’t know if I will get paid in the event of a government shutdown. Will I be able to get Air Force Aid Society assistance to help with my bills?

A. AFAS assistance will be available to assist with your emergency financial needs such as food, gas, and other essentials. In order to help the maximum number of Airmen/Guardians possible, it is not reasonable to expect the Society to replace your total lost pay.

Q. What if I need Air Force Aid help for emergency travel or a car repair?

A. These types of emergency assistance requests will continue to be handled as they are under normal circumstances.

Q. I pay several of my bills by electronic fund transfer (EFT) directly from my bank account. Can AFAS cover these if I don’t receive full pay?

A. We recommend that you contact your bank now to find out what their policy will be regarding EFTs. To the extent that the shutdown and an EFT have caused your emergency then the AFAS stands ready to support.

Q. Where do I apply for AFAS assistance during the government shutdown?

A. You may apply online by visiting our application portal at: You will need to register if you have not done so before applying online.


Q. How will I receive funds if approved for AFAS assistance?

A. AFAS is able to send approved funds through digital disbursement (“ZELLE”) or ACH, directly into individual’s bank account.

Q. Will assistance be provided as a loan?

A. Yes. Assistance will be provided as an interest-free loan since furloughed personnel typically have loss of income restored. Loans will be repaid within 1-month, with the allotment starting 30 days after restoration of lost pay.

Q. I am a Guard/Reserve member. Am I eligible to apply for assistance during a government shutdown?

A. Yes. If you have an emergency need as a result of the government shutdown, you may request assistance as described above.

Q. What can I do to help stabilize my financial situation?

A. Understand the components of your pay, such as automatic withholding for taxes, EFT’s to creditors, and especially your allotments and when they are deducted from your pay. Be proactive and contact your creditors, landlord, utility companies, etc. and make them aware that your pay may be affected by the government shutdown. Ask them if you can make smaller payments or defer payments until your full pay is restored. They will appreciate your efforts to keep them advised of a potential problem and most will work with you to find a workable solution for you and them.


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